July 23, 2004

9/11 Nightmare over the Cell Net

"It’s getting bad, Dad—A stewardess was stabbed—They seem to have
knives and Mace—They said they have a bomb—It’s getting very bad
on the plane—Passengers are throwing up and getting sick—The
plane is making jerky movements—I don’t think the pilot is flying the
plane—I think we are going down—I think they intend to go to
Chicago or someplace and fly into a building—Don’t worry, Dad—
If it happens, it’ll be very fast—My God,my God."

-- Peter Hanson's last words over the phone
Aborad United 175 Plane
Chap 1, 9/11 Commision Report

Posted by Shervin at July 23, 2004 06:49 PM
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