June 20, 2005

6:14 AM

Alarm goes off. Don't feel like getting up. Awake, eyes closed, enjoying the priceless and rare moments of early morning when everything, every single idea goes around my head. U2's Bono sings in my head; "So I left by the back-door...". Patterns and bits remained from last night study wander around, broken, joining Bono in harmony. "Self Oraganizing Machines"....hmm...I feel it in my head now...It's working there...Organizing the enjoyable chaotic swarm of my wild thoughts..."And for the first time...". A fantasy comes and goes...Snooze alram goes off..."And for the first time I feel love..."

I'm awake, Bono is gone, so the dream. Heading for the exam.

Posted by Shervin at June 20, 2005 03:53 PM
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