November 05, 2005

The Circus

Fantasies of dark, smelly, small room in cheap roadside motels and the sun always going down behind the semi-open curtains. Being on the road and staying together through the never-ending journey. Cheap American paperbacks. Light-classic music, where they just conduct the pop music hits with the orchestra without the vocal to make them pieces of muzak; Hotel California syndrome. Being romantic toward the world in a holistic way, even in its hardness, even in its pain. When your emotions are holy for yourself and you are dreaming all the time. Huh! What a life! What a world! Was it me?

Life seems all romantic when you are in mid-teen period. Everything you discover is magic. When time passes it would be like a circus band which can't move from a city to another and also insists on going through the same usual show every single night. And that would be so silly, so stupidly boring to watch that same show over and over forever. And no one thinks that someday, a long time from now in the past, the same show was something brand new, mind-blowing, exciting and totally memorable as they thought at that time. But no one remembers calling such a boring thing memorable or they don’t want to remember telling so.

No one thinks about what happened to that mysterious glory. The spell is broken and the magic is lost.

Posted by Shervin at November 5, 2005 08:46 PM
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